Bow Tie Construction


Bow Tie Construction have many years of combined experience designing and building low-energy homes and M&E installations. The majority of their 70+ builders have worked on their certified Passivhaus projects. In 2019 their ‘Max Fordham House’ project won two RIBA London awards including one for sustainability. Bow Tie’s success isn’t just down to specialist skills, experience, and a dedication to style and innovation. It’s the result of their commitment to deliver the very best service to the architects, property developers and home owners who form their network of clients. Value-engineering is an essential stage of the process in which Bow Tie do their best to deliver a dream Passivhaus for the lowest £/sqm achievable. Just ask any of their previous customers, architects or suppliers – they are more than happy to supply extensive references. Bow Tie Construction welcome projects valued £500k - £4M.

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