Passive Purple

Passive Purple offer the complete airtightness package of supply and install of Passive Purple Liquid Vapour Control Membrane. We can work with you to design your airtightness details and get air tests to Passivhaus standards of 0.6 ach or lower. We also have our own in-house Certified Passivhaus consultants on hand for the more complex projects.

Passive Purple is unlike any Vapour Control membrane you will come across and it needs no staples or tapes, unlike other brands of paper membranes. Passive Purple adheres to almost any surface and is already being using on large scale timber frame to multi storey concrete framed buildings.

Passive Purple can also offer training and advice for people who want to install Passive Purple themselves, supplying the whole of the UK. So whether you would like the project installed by Passive Purple or you would like to offer your clients the best Vapour Control Membrane on the market we have the right solution for you.

There are no nasties in Passive Purple. We are VOC Free/M1 Class and are also a certified Radon Barrier to keep the nasties out.

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