Chrispal Anand

Chrispal is a member of the Energy Institute and IEMA. As a Chartered Energy Manager, he brings more than 10 years of energy and carbon management experience working within Higher Education University which has more than 300 buildings that covers a range of highly serviced science research buildings, offices, Library, lecture theatres and multi-disciplinary teaching spaces, Hall of Residences, Conference Centres and Hotel, Dry Sports and Leisure Centres and Catering Facilities. As an accredited building certification Energy Assessor and ESOS Lead Assessor, Chrispal has been keen in promoting energy efficiency through technology and behaviour change and improve optimisation of building’s M & E systems to achieve energy cost savings and emissions reduction. He has also been responsible for delivering energy efficiency project funds in excess of £2.6 Million on new and retrofit energy efficiency technologies. Chrispal has architected the automated Meter Reading Systems in 300+ buildings and now manages 1000+ utility meters all collecting half-hourly information to prove energy saving projects and avoid daily unnecessary energy and water wastages. He has a greater interest in ensuring new and refurbished buildings are used as designed to ensure the predicted savings are realised. He has been involved in the Soft Landings process at University of Leicester’s Centre for Medicine Building (largest Passivhaus building in the UK) and currently driving the Soft Landings post occupancy of the building.