Cllr. Andrea Lewis

As Cabinet Member for Housing, Energy and Building Services, I’m delighted that the first new council homes in a generation in Swansea have been constructed on my watch.

Not only will these homes help Swansea meet the need for affordable housing across the city, but their Passivhaus design will also help tenants save money on their energy bills, which is important as we continue to explore innovative ways of tackling fuel poverty.

This project will inform other construction schemes of this nature in coming years, as Swansea builds towards an exciting future in the council housing sector.

Works on all current council homes in Swansea reaching the Welsh Housing Quality Standard are also well underway as we look to improve people’s standards of health and wellbeing across the city. Prior to becoming a Labour councillor for Swansea Council in 2012, I spent many years working for the authority’s estates and housing departments. This gave me invaluable base knowledge of the local housing and construction sectors, which I am now able to draw upon in my current role.

The world first tidal lagoon project is also now with the UK Government for approval, so a combination of projects show how determined we are in Swansea to lead the way in terms of both innovative housing construction and sustainable energy production.