Paul Jennings

TAir Leakage Specialist, Aldas & Design Buro Limited

Paul Jennings is the UK’s most experienced active airtightness tester, with over 30 years’ experience.  He tested the first UK certified domestic & non-domestic Passivhaus projects on the same day back in 2008 and has been tester or airtightness consultant on more than half of UK Passivhaus schemes since. 

He recently led the most complex UK airtightness test yet carried out, where 8 sets of test equipment were used in parallel to co-pressure a new residential Passivhaus block in North London.

He developed the “12 Steps to Airtightness” approach to delivering excellent airtightness, as well as developing and delivering the first Airtightness Champions Training.

Recently has worked on various developments where PH airtightness has proved problematic, working with specialist sealers to address leakage, as well as undertaken complex co-pressure and sample testing to deliver satisfactory results – sometimes!

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